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Pluckers Wing Factory
2222 Rio Grande St
These medium sized, Buffalo style wings will burn your lips. Good bleu cheese and beer too. George says "Great delivery service. SEVENTEEN different varieties of wings, including two original recipies." I'd have to take off my shoes to count that high.

College Station

Wings N More
3230 Texas Ave S
Rocky says, "Outstanding Wings, ordered mild, hot, and extra hot, with your choice of garlice and/or extra wet. Complimented with Honey Glazed Baby Back Ribs to die for!"


1200 Nw Hwy
You know what the five wings mean. Everything I look for in a wings restaurant. Jim says."Absolutely the best wings. 4 levels of hot from mild to atomic (the menu says "buckle-up fool" and they're right on). 4 levels of non-hots including garlic parmesan and lemon pepper. Something for all tastes. Great icy cold beer and NO OTHER MEAT ON THE MENU BUT WINGS!"

El Paso

Track One
1330 Robert E Lee Rd
These meaty Buffalo wings will make you break a sweat. Great bleu cheese and lots of fine beers. Mike says "This place has excellent service, food, and comparable pricing... Also if you don't like'm hot the "DOUBLE DIPPED" are to die for


Applebee's Neighborhood Grill
1519 W Harrison St
Way down in southern Texas they have a sauce that's heavy on the vinegar and heavy on the good flavor. They also have ice cold Bud lite on tap. Ralph says, "The wings were very good. They had the scent of vinegar, and I believe the sauce had some bleu cheese mixed in with it." You know that vinegar makes you thirsty!


Wings N'More
10979 Northwest Fwy.
5815 Westheimer Rd.
Two locations in Houston. Big, meaty, Buffalo style wings. An excellent tasting, burn your lips kind of sauce. Good bleu cheese with big chunks of bleu cheese and poppy seeds. Beers on tap vary with the location. They have a few imports and Prescott recommends the Shiner Bock. Prescott says,"The place, here in Houston, is called Wings N' More. I got the owner to confess to Habanero peppers and nothing else for his recipe. I have been eating there for well over 15 years. If you are ever in Houston be sure to try Any location. I strongly recommend extra hot extra wet extra garlic. This combination makes beer just taste better. If you are really brave and do not value having living tissue in your mouth. Then Order the XXX Sauce (On the side) You can always pour it on. It Tastes excellent - but Guys WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER BEFORE GOING TO THE BATROOM!!!!!!! As far as the beer - A Texas staple is Shiner Bock. A local Micro Brew that has made it big." I haven't had a good bock since Oregon. Good stuff.

Buffalo Wild Wings (formerly BW3)
2525 Rice Blvd
(713) 521-1100
I cant believe that no one from Houston has submiited a review for Buffalo Wild Wings. Lazy bums! The best thing about this place is that they have a bunch of flavors to suit all tastes. My faves are Hot BBQ, Hot, and Garlic. Mmmmmm! The wings sauce is nice and thick, not like some of those wimpy hot/med/mild WING places. MOREover, you can get Hot Legs as well. A much meatier vesion of hot wings. Try them with a basket of cheese potato wedges. A delight!

2711 Fountain View Dr
Best Wings in Houston hands down, thought I was back in Buffalo. The best wings I have had since my visit home last year when I went to the Anchor Bar, home of the original buffalo wing. Served traditionally: HOT, MEDIUM, and MILD. They keep it simple and tasty, none of this 50 flavor crap that some places try. Its bar food it should be simple and tasty. FYI Buffalo Wings are NEVER battered. Wings-N-Things Rocks!


Cowboy Cafe
502 Cowboy Way
These meaty Buffalo wings are spicy. Great bleu cheese, but no beer. Benson says, "This cafe had the best wings I have eaten."

San Marcos

San Marcos Brewery & Grill
1080 W San Marcos Bl
These meaty Buffalo wings will burn your lips. Great bleu cheese, and a home brewed beer. Carolyn says, "When you order wings you get whole wings, not pieces. Great smell when they hit the table. They have a celery seed coating which gives them a great taste!"

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